Megafinal Success – UK Chess Challenge

At the Northamptonshire & Leicestershire Megafinal at Wellingborough on the 12th May, Leicestershire Juniors were well to the fore with 9 section winners (Supremos/Supremas) This is the full list of gigafinal qualifiers (3.5 pts or higher required) for the next regional stage :

U7 Girls: Catharine Lv – 4.5 pts (Suprema), Olivia Chen – 4 pts (2nd)

U8 Boys: Kajus Mikalajunas – 5.5 pts (Supremo), Joshua Tang – 5pts (2nd), Madhav Eradi – 4pts

U8 Girls: Lailim Ryskali – 3.5 pts (Same points as Suprema)

U9 Boys: Alex Cimurs – 4 pts (2nd), Noor Datoo – 4 pts

U9 Girls: Lindsay Pyun – 5 pts (Suprema), Holly Fowkes – 3.5 pts

U10 Boys: Aryan Ankolekar – 4 pts (2nd)

U11 Boys: Jason Lv – 5 pts (Supremo), Daniel Chen – 5 pts (2nd), Umar Syed – 4.5 pts

U12 Boys: Adam Kerbel – 3.5 pts (Supremo)

U12 Girls: Anika Khare – 4.5 pts (Suprema)

U13 Girls: Millie Kotecha – 4 pts (Suprema)

U14 Boys: Kishan Modi – 5.5 pts (Supremo)

U15 Boys: Shyam Modi – 5 pts (Supremo), Sasha Kerbel 3.5 pts (2nd)

U16 Boys: Ben Raine – 3.5 pts

The previous weekend (5th May) at the Nottinghamshire Megafinal, Evan Miles scored an impressive 5.5 pts in the U9 Boys qualifying for the Gigafinal with ease, but unsatisfactorily not having the opportunity to play the boy who was awarded the Supremo title with the same points score.

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