Leicestershire EJCOA zonal – 17th February

73 Children took part in the 2nd Leicestershire qualification tournament for the EJCOA National Youth Championships held on the 17th February at Fairfield school in Loughborough. The children played in three sections, under 8 and under 10 combined, under 12, and finally under 14, 16, 18 and 20 combined.

Detailed Results: U20/U18/U16/U14 , U12, U10/U8

The following children all qualified for the finals which are being held at Nottingham High School in July

Under 8

Albert Biermann

Adam Ling

Omswaroop Kotti

Sri Degala

Shrishna Tarihalkar

Under 10

Yugan Suganya

Zayn Patel

Under 12

Noah Taylor

Samyuktha Vijayendra

Under 14

Madhav Eradi

Arav Ajaykumar

Ted Ronald

Ansh Prajapati

Violet Mcpherson

Under 16

Sathsara Dissanayake

Alex Shen

Under 18

Kirk Harrision

Under 20

John Moughtin-Leay

Many thanks to the arbiter team of Shaun, Richard, Paul Mottram, Ben, Sooraj and Jyothika who helped make the event run smoothly for all the children, and to Michael for providing the popular coaching sessions.

The arbiter team
The arbiter team
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