Saturday Chess Club (now online)

During the current COVID-19 restrictions the club has been unable to meet face to face, and from April 2020 we have operated as an online club, offering the children the opportunity to take part in online lessons and competitions. The club members have opportunities to win prizes each month, and we encourage all club members to take part in national junior chess competitions.

We arrange the children into groups (‘knights’, ‘rooks’ and ‘kings’) based on their ability. Each Saturday afternoon the children can take part in an online chess lesson run by myself, or they can take part in an online competition with other members their group. The winners of the competitions are awarded trophies or vouchers for the online shop at

Each member of the club receives a premium account on and we also run regular tournaments on the free website The Leicester Juniors club on Lichess can be found using this link

Club members also take part in numerous national chess competitions including the junior section of the 4 Nations chess league (we have 7 teams!). We also compete in county chess competitions, entering teams in the monthly inter-county competitions on Lichess and taking part in the English Chess Federations county championships

Once the COVID-19 restrictions are eased, we will plan to return to face to face club meetings. As before we will plan to meet on Saturday afternoons throughout the school year for 6 – 18 year olds. The first hour will be group coaching and the 2nd hour devoted to competitive chess game practice. Once a month, club members (free) and guests (entry £6) will be given the opportunity to play in an informal Swiss (everyone plays in every round) competition over 4 rounds lasting about 3 hours

Contact Alan Agnew (email:, tel: 07434 286893) for all club related enquiries.