Leicestershire Junior Online Championships – Saturday 20th February

42 children took part in the Leicestershire Junior Online Championships on Saturday 20th February. All games were played using the Tornelo chess platform with Fide arbiter Adam Raoof present to help ensure fair play.

Congratulations to Lindsay Pyun who as well as winning the U13 section also takes the title and trophy for Leicestershire Junior online champion 2021 with a score in of 4.5/5 in the combined U13 and U18 section!

Amelia Ahmad topped the U9 section and Joshua Tang won the U11 section both with perfect scores of 5 out of 5. All children in the first 3 places for their age category won trophies. In the event of any tied scores trophies were awarded according to the Buchholz tie break system (sum of opponents scores)


  1. Amelia Ahmad 5/5
  2. Mikhail Tyukin 3/5
  3. Yvon Van Neerven 3/5


  1. Joshua Tang 5/5
  2. Sophie Mehta 4/5
  3. Adeeb Syed 4/5


  1. Lindsay Pyun 4.5/5
  2. Noor Datoo 3/5
  3. Anant Kapoor 3/5


  1. Sasha Kerbel 4.5/5
  2. Ashish Singh 4/5
  3. John Moughtin-Leay 3/5

Best placed U18 girl – Rameen Masood – 3/5

Overall County Champion – Lindsay
U11 Champion – Josh
U9 Champion – Amelia
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