Leicestershire Juniors impress at British Championships

There were some outstanding performances by a select group of Leicestershire Juniors at the British Championships at Hull in early August. Many of them competed in multiple sections but particularly eye catching was Shyam Modi’s 6/9 for 13th in the Major Open (2nd only to the Championship section in prestige), Tom Brown’s win in the U1900s with 5/5, and Jason Lv’s 2nd= (4/5) in the Yates U1600 Weekend competition.

Major Open (77 entries)
13th Shyam Modi 6/9
40th Tom Brown 4.5/9
41st Kishan Modi 4/9

U1900 (46)
1st Tom Brown 5/5

U1750 (78)
18th= Daniel Chen 3/5
18th=Jason Lv 3/5

Weekend U1600 (Yates) (53)
2nd= Jason Lv 4/5

Rapidplay (91)
26th= Tom Brown 5/9
63rd= Jason Lv 3.5/9

U12 (39)
18th= Jason Lv 3.5/7
32nd= Daniel Chen 2/7

U11 (60)
17th Daniel Chen 3.5/6

U10 (36)
28th Olivia Chen 2.5/7

U9 (68)
36th Olivia Chen 3/6

U8 (48)
36th Olivia Chen 2/6
45th Catherine Lv 1/6

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