Leicester HE Atkins Memorial Rapidplay

The ‘Atkins’ last took place a few years ago as a weekend Standardplay congress but was revived this year as a one day Rapidplay event with Open, U165, U140, U115 and Junior U80 sections that took place on Sunday 15th October at Leicester Grammar School.

Leicestershire Junior players were very much in evidence in all sections with particularly notable results from Tom Brown who won the U165 section and 9 year old Rakym Serik who was 1st equal in the U115 section. Shyam and Kishan Modi both played in the tough ‘Open’ section with Shyam taking a share of the U180 grading prize.

Here’s a summary of the junior results:


4th= Shyam Modi 3.5pts
10th= Kishan Modi 2.5pts


1st Tom Brown 5pts
9th Joseph Ward-Langman 2pts


13th Ben Raine 2.5pts
19th Thomas Blay 1pt


1st= Rakym Serik 5pts
4th= George Worrow-Goodin 4pts
9th= Sasha Kerbel 3pts
9th= Anika Khare 3pts
15th Umar Syed 2.5pts
16th= Alastair Mottram-Epson 2pts

Junior U80

Austin Meynell 4.5pts (1st U12)
Rakshai Muthusamy 4.5pts (2nd U12)
Hope Wheway 4pts (3rd U12)
Noor Datoo 4pts (2nd U10)
Ranulph Wheway 4pts (2nd U16)
Olivia Chen 3pts (1st U8)
Zaara Syed 3pts
Alex Shen 3pts (2nd U8)
Morris Walker 3pts (3rd U10)
Arook Mahajan 2.5pts (3rd U8)
Adam Kerbel 2pts
Holly Fowkes 2pts
Harry Robinson 1pt

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