UK Schools Chess Challenge Gigafinal Results

Leicester Juniors achieved some excellent results at the Northern and Southern Gigafinals (the regional stage of the UK Schools Chess Challenge on the weekends of the 15th/16th July and 22nd/23rd July respectively.

In the Northern Gigafinal Daniel Chen won the U10A Boys section, whilst Anika Khare and Lindsay Pyun were 2nd in the U11 girls and U8 Girls respectively. Tom Brown was 2nd equal in the U16 Boys and Milly Kotecha was also 2nd equal in the U12 Girls Southern Gigafinal. Shyam Modi was 3rd equal in the U14 Boys.

Full results of all Leicestershire players are below:

Northern Gigafinal
U16 Boys: 2nd= Tom Brown 4.5pts
U14 Boys: 3rd= Shyam Modi 4.5pts
U13 Boys: 5th= Kishan Modi 4.5pts
U11 Girls: 2nd Anika Khare 5pts
U11B Boys: Rakshai Muthusamy 2.5pts
U10 A Boys: 1st Daniel Chen 5.5pts, 6th Umar Syed 4.5pts, 20th Jason Lv  3pts
U10 Girls: Hope Wheway 3pts, Zaara Syed  3pts
U9 Girls: Hafsa Syed 2pts
U9 B Boys: Dhian Shah 3pts
U9 A Boys: Anant Kapoor 4pts, Aryan Ankolekar 3pts
U8 Girls: 2nd Lindsay Pyun 4.5pts
U8 A Boys: Alex Cimurs 3.5pts
U8 B Boys: Evan Miles 2pts

Southern Gigafinal
U12 Girls: 2nd= Milly Kotecha 4pts
U11 Boys:  Ashish Singh 2.5pts


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