U11 4 Counties Match, Rugby

Leicestershire sent U11 and U11 girl’s teams to an inaugural 4 counties competition at Rugby between Warwickshire (the host county), Oxfordshire and Northants on the 27th November. The U11 team drew 4-4 in the 1st round against Warwickshire and then won in the 2nd against Northants 5-3. The hardest match was still to come though in the 3rd round and a strong Oxon team put paid to Leicester hopes of winning the overall competition by coming out on top 6-2. In the final table Leicestershire tied with Warwickshire on 3 match points but were nudged down into 3rd by virtue of scoring half a game point fewer when tallying up all the game scores over the whole competition. Nevertheless it was a good strong first showing for the U11 team and individually Anika Khare and Umar Syed were unbeaten on boards 1 and 2 and Jason LV scored 2 wins. The full team was Anika Khare, Umar Syed, Austin Meynell, Jason LV, Rakshai Muthusamy, Henry Andrews, Krish Bassi, Evan Miles and Aashish Singh.

The U11 girl’s team also performed well finishing 3rd in their competition and drawing their matches against both Warwickshire & Northamptonshire, and only lost to competition winners Oxfordshire. All members of the team scored points and Emma Abel and Zaara Syed were experiencing county level competition for the first time. Hope Wheway notably scored 2 wins on the top board. The full team was Hope Wheway, Hafsa Syed, Emma Abel and Zaara Syed. Thanks to Paul Mottram for this report.


1st Oxon 6 (17)
2nd Warks 3 (11½)
3rd Leics 3 (11)
4th Northants 0 (8½)

U11 Girls
1st Oxon 6 (8½)
2nd Warks 3 (7½)
3rd Leics 2 (4½)
4th Northants 1 (3½)

Detailed results can be found here

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