Leicester Atkins Rapidplay 2019

Many of Leicestershire’s junior players competed in the annual competition that took place at Leicester Grammar School on Sunday 13th October and which has two junior only sections along with sections open to adults as well.

In a competitive Junior U80 section Alex Cimurs and Sophie Mehta’s finished joint 1st on 5pts (out of 6). Alex had a perfect record up to the 6th round and lead the field but Sophie managed to pull him back in round 6 when she one the final round game between the two.

In the Schools ‘Ungraded’ U25 section there was a strong showing from Holywell school pupils with Shashank Prashanth winning all his games to head the section and Sam Wakelin finishing 2nd on 5 points.

In the mixed/adult junior sections, Jason Lv scored a very creditable 3.5/6 in the U165s and Sashel Kerbel (U140), Lyndsay Pyun (U115), Joshua Tang (U115) and Kori Lee (U115) all scored 3 points in their respective sections.

Detailed Results: Open, U165, U140, U115, Junior U80, Junior U25

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