Junior 4NCL Season 2

An amazing 38 children were represented in the 2nd season of the online Junior 4NCL across 7 teams. Please click the links below to see the league tables. You can see the top scorers for each team below, and well done to Leo Abraham and Amelia Ahmad for playing every single round!




Leicester Juniors 1

Sophie Mehta 6pt (out of 12), Lindsay Pyun 5.5pts (out of 10)

Leicester Juniors 2

Madhav Eradi 3.5 pts, Noor Datoo 3pts

Leicester Junior 3

Leo Abraham 8pts, Rameen Masood 7.5pts (out of 10)

Leicester Juniors 4

Laurence Norton 6ts, Garv Sehgal 3.5pts

Leicester Juniors 5

Anish Das 8pts, Lexi Abraham 7pts

Leicester Juniors 6

Sathsara Dissanyake and Aman Das, both 3pts

Blue Foxes

Amelia Ahmad 6.5pts. Sofia Hilmi 6pts

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